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Genus Rosa

Rosa acicularis
Rosa acicularis
Round-Leaved Dog-Rose (Rosa balsamica)
Rosa balsamica
Rosa banksiae
Rosa banksiae
Dog Rose (Rosa canina)
Rosa canina
Dog Rose (Rosa canina ssp. canina)
Rosa canina ssp. canina
Rosa canina ssp. dumetorum
Rosa canina ssp. dumetorum
Damask Rose (Rosa damascena)
Rosa damascena
Rosa dumalis
Rosa dumalis
Rosa dumalis ssp. coriifolia
Rosa dumalis ssp. coriifolia
Rosa dumalis ssp. coriifolia x rubiginosa
Rosa dumalis ssp. coriifolia x rubiginosa
Rosa dumalis ssp. dumalis
Rosa dumalis ssp. dumalis
Rosa elliptica ssp. inodora
Rosa elliptica ssp. inodora
Rosa hugonis
Rosa hugonis
Rosa kamtchatica
Rosa kamtchatica
Rosa majalis
Rosa majalis
Small-flowered Sweet-briar (Rosa micrantha)
Rosa micrantha
Rosa moyesii
Rosa moyesii
Many-Flowered Rose (Rosa multiflora)
Rosa multiflora
Burnet Rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia)
Rosa pimpinellifolia
Sweet Briar (Rosa rubiginosa)
Rosa rubiginosa
Rosa rubrifolia
Rosa rubrifolia
Japanese Rose (Rosa rugosa)
Rosa rugosa
Rosa sericea
Rosa sericea
Sherard (Rosa sherardii)
Rosa sherardii
Harsh Downy-Rose (Rosa tomentosa)
Rosa tomentosa
Rosa villosa ssp. mollis
Rosa villosa ssp. mollis
Virginian Rose (Rosa virginiana)
Rosa virginiana

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Scientific nameTrivial nameDK redlistMinimum lengthMaximum lengthPage refFN
Rosa acicularisx
Rosa agrestisField BriarREx
Rosa agrestis ssp. agrestisx
Rosa caninaDog Rosex
Rosa canina ssp. caninaDog RoseLCx
Rosa canina ssp. dumetorumLCx
Rosa carolinaNAx
Rosa dumalisx
Rosa dumalis ssp. coriifoliaLCx
Rosa dumalis ssp. dumalisLCx
Rosa ellipticaRødlistet på underartsniveaux
Rosa elliptica ssp. ellipticax
Rosa elliptica ssp. inodoraVUx
Rosa foetidax
Rosa glaucaNAx
Rosa hugonisNAx
Rosa jundzilliix
Rosa majalisNAx
Rosa majalis var. foecundissimax
Rosa majalis var. majalisCinnamon Rosex
Rosa micranthaSmall-flowered Sweet-briarNAx
Rosa multifloraMany-Flowered RoseNAx
Rosa nitidax
Rosa pimpinellifoliaBurnet RoseLCx
Rosa pimpinellifolia x villosax
Rosa pimpinellifolia x villosa ssp. mollisx
Rosa rubiginosaSweet BriarLCx
Rosa rugosaJapanese RoseNAx
Rosa sherardiiSherardLCx
Rosa tomentellaDDx
Rosa tomentosaHarsh Downy-RoseCRx
Rosa villosax
Rosa villosa ssp. mollisLCx
Rosa villosa ssp. villosaApple RoseNAx
Rosa virginianaVirginian RoseNAx
Rosa x albax
Rosa x kamtchaticaNAx
Rosa x suionumx


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